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Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression System
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Condensed Aerosol Fire Suppression System

The EXA fire suppression system is a solid aerosol-generating compound contained in a non-pressurised metal canister. The EXA fire-extinguishing aerosol is a mixture of dry chemical particles and gasses – which, when electrically activated, produces combustion of micron-sized dry chemical particles and gas to extinguish fire.
Before being released into the protected area, the EXA aerosol propels itself through a unique physical coolant which absorbs and redistributes heat, thus ensuring flameless discharge and uniform distribution of aerosol within the area. Micron-sized aerosol particles, which exhibit gas-like three dimensional qualities, allow the agent to rapidly distribute throughout the enclosure and even reach concealed or shielded locations. Homogeneous distribution is achieved in seconds, while long holding times help to prevent fire re-ignition.
Non-pressurised, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, the EXA self-contained module requires no plumbing work and therefore is easy to install and maintain.

Compact & Versatile
    Smallest & lightest fire extinguishing system
    Resistant to atmospheres with high humidity, corrosiveness and saltiness
    Flexible choice of operation modes – either automatic, manual, electrical, or thermal
    Can be fully autonomous stand-alone systems when coupled with our TAD detection and activation devices – no power source or battery required.

High Performance
    Fast response after detection of fire
    Rapid system discharge – instantaneous extinguishing action
    Low agent concentration

Easy Maintenance
    No pressure cylinders
    No moving parts
    No gases or liquids, therefore no leakages
    No pipe work or manifold
    Simple to install & re-commission
    No maintenance required for aerosol modules. Only checks on electrical circuit required

Tested & Certified
    Activfire, Active Fire Protection – Product Certification by CSIRO Australia
    Approved alternative to Halon under Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program by United States Environmental Agency (USEPA)
    National Maritime Safety Committee Australia
    American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
    Certified & recognised by various certification bodies worldwide

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