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Fire Extinguisher Tipe Spray
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ANGEL FIREFIGHTER 400 SPRAY TYPE is a compact spray type fire extinguisher that is powerful, effective and easy to use, just point and spray. It is small enough to fit anywhere and great for fireplaces, kitchens, offices, garages, camping, grilling, cars, RVs, boats, workshops and any rooms in homes. This unit contains unique biodegradable and environmentally safe fire fighting agent which is an absolute alternative to the hazardous materials created from former fire extinguishers during the process of suppression.

Product Features
1.    Top quality extinguishing agent
2.    Easy to use: simple, one touch spray type
3.    Portable: small and light
4.    Effective on all Class A/B/C fires
5.    Non corrosive, Non toxic
6.    Temperature range -20C-80C
7.    Perfect for windy outdoors
8.    No need for troublesome regular recharge

How to USE
1.    Take off the cap 
2.    Aim the nozzle at the base of flames
3.    Press the activation button and sweep from side to side at the base of fire until it goes out
Model         : AFF400
Discharge Distance    : 2m
Discharge Time     : 20sec
Length        : 270mm
Diameter        : 60mm
Total Weight    : 538g

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