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Fire Extinguisher Tipe Pack For Cooking Oil
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Fires very often occur in kitchens and they are commonly caused by cooking oil. When cooking oil is heated up, the ignition takes place within 10 minutes. The flame can spread to a ceiling and walls within 5 minutes. In just 15 minutes from its initial fire, the size of it reaches a point where no family member can possibly control.
The worst thing is that many people tend to pour water in panic. But the fire would abruptly surge and shoot flaming sparks in all directions. It is almost an explosion.

Unlike any other fires, oil fires are almost impossible to extinguish using conventional methods. AFFP is specially designed for cooking oil fire and offers a completely safe way to put out cooking oil fire only within 3 seconds. 
A simple “drop” will do the job. When the special liquid in the pack meets the fire, chemical reaction is created and generates much foam and cooling effect.

How to Use :
1.    When pan caught fire
2.    Gently drop the stick pack into a burning pan
3.    Fire is out and clean up the residues

Product Features
•    1 Pack is enough to put out 1 liter burning oil.
•    Long stick type guarantees safe delivery into the pan
•    No need to unwrap the packing, just drop the whole product into the pan
•    Easy clean-up/ non-toxic residue/ the pan can be used again
•    No risk of spilling the burning oil

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