Hypoxic Fire Prevention System
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Last Updated
08 Apr 2021
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Specification of Hypoxic Fire Prevention System

The importance of fire-risk management has often been overlooked even by the biggest companies. Fire-related disruption, even for just a day, can cause irreversible damage with regards to lost sales, customer and business confidence, and even lives of personnel.
It is therefore imperative for all companies, as good corporate governance, to address their fire-risk management to ensure business sustainability.
Traditional fire suppression systems are designed to automatically extinguish fires upon detection of a fire event. However, utilising Controlled Atmosphere technology, PYROprevent hypoxic fire prevention system literally prevents fires from occurring in protected areas by continuously monitoring and maintaining the proportion of Oxygen to Nitrogen in the enclosure – so that it is not even possible for fire to ignite.

The filtered clean air by PYROprevent is dirt-free, odourless, colourless and devoid of any kind of residue or polluting substance. The atmosphere created in PYROprevent protected areas is completely safe for humans – it is similar to the air on a mountain with an altitude of 3,300m (as a comparison, Mt. Fuji is 3,776m and Mt. Everest is 8,848m).
The installation and commissioning of the PYROprevent system is relatively straight forward and will be supported by our engineers, who are available to assist in every step of the way including periodic maintenance audit.

    It completely eliminates all fire-risk in protected areas.
    The filtered atmosphere has clean air that is dirt-free, non-toxic, non-polluting and devoid of any residue.
    Humans are able to inhabit and work inside protected areas with virtually no hindrance.
    Ecological process with very low energy consumption.
    Easy installation.
    Customisable and easy to expand upon.
    Fire-risk protection of choice and would be preferred by most insurance companies.
    Very adaptable with regards to any technical and architectural restrictions, with little or no aesthetical impact on protected areas.
    The final cost of this system can be cheaper than most traditional suppression solutions, especially if implemented in warehouse-sized enclosures.

PYROprevent is ideal for:
    Large warehouses and store rooms
    Marine Vehicles
    Data processing centres
    Server rooms and network centres
    Control rooms
    Bank vaults
    Libraries and bookshops
    Museums and archives

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