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Impulse Podwer Extinguishing Modules
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Specification of

Impulse Podwer Extinguishing Modules

The IPEX module is a non-pressurised self-contained metal canister delivering a gas-powder extinguishing medium into a fire zone within seconds from activation.
The impulse discharge is achieved due to a special non-pressurised solid gas generator incorporated into the canister containing a special extinguishing powder. Upon activation of the system the gas generator operates releasing gases. The gases rapidly build up an internal pressure and aerate the extinguishing powder resulting in an impulse gas-powder delivery through a specially designed outlet.
IPEX is highly versatile – it can be installed in small enclosure (with no piping) or large areas (with simple piping and 4-6 distribution nozzles). IPEX has no pressure gauges and no moving parts – therefore it is easy to install and maintain.
Due to its heavy-duty modules which can withstand up to 95°C temperature, high vibration and extreme humidity levels, IPEX is highly suitable for aggressive environments.

Suitable for Aggressive Environments
IPEX is able to withstand:
    Temperatures up to 95°C
    High vibration
    Extreme humidity (high or low)
    Dusty environments

Cost Effective
    Simple installation
    Can be installed inside protected enclosure itself
    No maintenance needed for IPEX modules

No Pressure Cylinders
    Contains no liquids or gases, therefore no risk of any agent leakage
    No pressure gauges and no moving parts

    Extremely high performance
    Impulse/rapid agent delivery
    No agent caking

Versatility of Applications
IPEX can be installed at:
    Small enclosures (with no piping needed)
    Large spaces (with simple piping and 4-6 distribution nozzles)
    Semi-open and open spaces
    Stationary & Mobile installations
    Either inside or outside of protected space

Tested & Certified
    Activfire, Active Fire Protection – Product Certification by CSIRO Australia
    Approved alternative to Halon under Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program by United States Environmental Agency (USEPA)
    National Maritime Safety Committee Australia
    American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
    Certified & recognised by various certification bodies worldwide

IPEX is ideal for:
    Buses
    Mining Vehicles
    Machinery Spaces
    Heavy Transport Vehicles
    RV’s
    Trains

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