Stratos Aspirating Smoke Detector

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Specification of Stratos Aspirating Smoke Detector

Stratos Aspirating Smoke Detector

Stratos Aspirating Smoke Detector or Very Early Smoke Detector is a highly sophisticated high sensitivity aspirated smoke detection product that has been designed to ensure that installation and commissioning is as simple as possible, while optimizing performance. The Stratos range of detectors incorporates a patented ‘artificial intelligence’ known as ClassiFire™, which allows the detector to continually optimize its sensitivity ensuring a consistent level of protection in virtually any environment with minimal chance of nuisance alarms. The laser dust discrimination algorithm further enhances the performance of the range, ensuring a robust solution even in challenging dirty environments.
Stratos Aspirating Smoke Detector Applications
Very Early Warning
High sensitivity smoke detection provided by laser based forward light scatter detection ensures reliable very early warning. This is key to ensure action can be taken even at the incipient stages of a fire, long before there are flames and this way keeping damages to an absolute minimum. Stratos detectors are arguably the most sensitive of their type and can be thousands of times more sensitive than traditional spot type detection systems.
When such a system is coupled with the ClassiFire™ Perceptive Artificial Intelligence system, it can provide and maintain optimum sensitivity without external input, maximizing sensitivity and minimizing nuisance alarms.
•    Computer room protection
•    Computer cabinet protection
•    Communication facilities
•    Clean rooms
•    Datacenters
•    Museums
High Ceilings
Due to the effects of stratification in buildings with high ceilings, it is unlikely that smoke will rise high enough or quickly enough for traditional detection systems to respond. Maintenance access to traditional detection once installed, also poses a problem. Stratos aspirated smoke detectors utilize a sampling pipe network to actively draw the environment back to a centrally located location. With proper design and strategically located sample ports, the effects of stratification can be overcome and maintenance access simplified. Due to its high sensitivity potential, Stratos detectors can also overcome the effects of dilution in large open spaces.
•    Atriums
•    Warehouse and distribution centres
•    Elevator shafts
•    Aircraft hangars
•    Auditoriums
•    Airport terminals
High Airflow Environments

With the cooling requirements of modern computing environments, cooling systems producing relatively high velocity air currents challenge traditional detection methods. High air velocity cools smoke from an incipient fire, which has insufficient thermal buoyancy to rise to the ceiling where conventional spot type detectors reside. Stratos detectors actively sample the environment and with their high sensitivity capabilities can overcome the dilution effect providing reliable very early warning in aggressively high airflow environments.
In these applications, the Stratos sampling pipe network is often strategically positioned in front of return air grilles with sample ports positioned towards the airflow to capture particulate from an incipient fire as it is transported by the airflow.
•    Datacenters
•    Communication facilities
•    Clean rooms
•    Dual detection
•    Return air monitoring
Concealed Detection

Where detection is required but for reasons of aesthetic consideration or potential vandalism, it must not be visible or accessible, a continuous air sample can be discreetly drawn via flexible capillary tubes, which are either flush terminated or otherwise concealed in ceiling features.
Capillary sampling provides an effective and affordable means to strategically locate the actual sample hole away from the main air sampling pipe run. Many configurations are possible. A wide variety of remote sample port accessories and remote sampling point assemblies are available.
•    Heritage buildings
•    High-end residential
•    Prison cells
•    Architectural and design considerations
Hostile Environments

By nature of the system, an aspirated smoke detector has no need to be located within the area it is protecting as the environment from the protected area is transported to the detector via an air sampling pipe network. This means Stratos detectors can be used in areas of extreme temperatures or high humidity. The ClassiFire™ Perceptive Artificial Intelligence system ensures optimum sensitivity and performance in practically any environment without the need for external adjustment. Stratos detectors also incorporate Dust Compensation and Laser Dust Discrimination (LDD³™), providing highly effective smoke detection in dusty, hostile environments with minimum risk of nuisance alarms.
•    Textile areas, Paper & Flour Mills
•    Cold and refrigerated storage facilities
•    Recycling plants & Contaminated areas
•    Areas subject to high smoke or dust particulate
•    Record storage warehouses

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