Throw Type Fire Extinguisher

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21 Sep 2021
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Specification of Throw Type Fire Extinguisher

ANGEL FIREFIGHTER THROW is a throwing- type fire extinguisher for initial fires. No matter how old or young you may be, a simple “throwing” method can be easily carried out in an emergency of an early-stage fire. 
This product and its extinguishing agent got the approval from KFI(Korea Fire Institute of Industry & Technology)and passed the safety test from KTR(Korea Testing & Research Institute for Chemical Industry).
How to use
Direction 1(Throw Directly)
1.    Take out the extinguisher.
2.    Throw it at the flame.
Direction 2(Mix with Water)
1.    Drop one bottle into a bucket
2.    Add 4L-8L of water.
3.    Splash it at the fire.
The proper way of using the throwing-type extinguisher
1.    Fire on hard and solid items: Throw the product directly into the flames.
2.    Oil fire: Throw the product at the wall or the floor close by and let the liquid spread and cover the flames.
1.    Excellent power : AFFT suppresses fire with its chemical reaction and cooling effect within 3-5sec. When the extinguishing agent meets fire, the bubble foam and the gases (carbonic gas and ammonium gas) are generated. It blocks Oxygen and suffocates the fire with cooling effect.
2.    Practical : AFFT is suitable for emergency situation of an early-stage fire and because it is easy to use, anybody can use it regardless of age or gender at any positions without shaking like the powder ones.
3.    Economical : AFFT requires no recharge and no regular check-up, thereby saving time and money. Most of extinguishers require recharging and regular checking once every 6-12months but AFFT will set you free from these hassles.
4.    Extensive application : AFFT has an outstanding extinguishing power to suppress an initial stage of A-class fire(wood, paper), B-class fire(oil) and C-class fire(electricity). It works great at any temperatures ranging from -20C to 80C. (For the product available at lower temperatures, See AFFTP.) It also works well under any kind of weather conditions, unlike Holon or gas based extinguishers that may not work properly at outdoors when windy.
Eco-friendly : The liquid agent of inside AFFT is harmless to human, animals and nature. The result of skin irritation test shows that its irritation index is “zero(0)” from KTR. And any hazardous materials including PFOA or PFOS don’t be detected from the liquid.

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